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The Importance Of Workplace Design For Workflow Productivity

The Importance Of Workplace Design For Workflow Productivity

The design of an office space is going to affect the happiness and productivity of the employees. Because they are working all day, they might not even notice how their work environment is affecting them. Bel Geddes offers unique ideas on how you can design a better workspace to increase productivity.

Colours – Studies have shown that traditional layouts and neutral tones may actually be harming work productivity. The most common colours used in work space layouts are shades of green and blue, these colours tend to generate new ideas and allow your employees to better perform and complete tasks, the colour red in your office seems to help with attention to those specific details.

Shapes – The shape of certain things like the building, layout and furniture pieces are extremely important when designing your workspace, however, the shape of these things are very often overlooked. Curved or round furniture helps your employees to think more creatively.

Wall Decor – Neutral tones and sleek, clean lines are a thing of the past. What employees need and want today is more familiarity and personality in their workspace. The employees who worked in a clutter-free and fun yet decorative office space were much more positive toward the other employees throughout the working day.

Thermostat – The temperature can create uncomfortable and problematic circumstances in any work environment. Employees will rarely all agree on one temperature for the room. Studies have suggested that keeping the office space temperature in between 68 and 67 degrees works best. Unfortunately, this is not going to fix all of the problems, but it will allow employees to get their work done and it will be in an efficient manner.

Planning your workspace is important when it comes to having happy employees. If your current offices do not reflect a happy and productive team then it’s time to give Bel Geddes a call for a office makeover that will have your employees excited to get to work each day. Visit our website for more information – http://www.belgeddesinterior.co.za/

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