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Why Use Drywall?

Why Use Drywall?

It’s easier to repair – Drywall is just as durable as plaster, however, when it comes to damages such as holes, cracks and chips, dry walling is much quicker and easier to repair, not to mention, it’s cheaper. Which is why drywall is generally preferred over plaster by many commercial building owners and businessmen. Furthermore, drywall is also fire-resistant because it’s made from gypsum, which prevents the spreading of fire.

Drywall can be moisture and mold-resistant – Another great advantage of drywall is that is can be fully customised according to the preferences and needs of clients. For example, if you are worried about mold in your commercial building then go for drywall. There are also other types of drywall which are moisture resistant.

Drywall can be soundproofed – Having a soundproofed property is great. Business owners who enjoy the peace and quiet while they work should definitely invest in drywall.

Drywall can also be extremely energy efficient – Business owners normally want to pay as little as possible for their energy bills and because of drywalls, this is possible. This awesome construction material provides insulation power and as a result, the heat will remain in the building during the colder months as well as the coolness in summer.

Faster Building With Drywall – When comparing drywall to other construction materials such as plaster, drywall is easier to build with. When building with drywall is actually 5 – 8 times faster than using other materials.

Smooth surfaces with drywall – Drywall is usually aesthetically pleasing and is sure to fit perfectly in any building or company. It features a smooth, crack free, seamless surface that looks attractive and elegant in any office space and it’s aesthetic value can also help the employees and workers enjoy working in a lovely environment.

Recyclable drywall – Drywall materials can be used over again and using them to renovate a building is highly recommended. Not only can client who use drywall for their businesses help save our environment, but they can also be contributing positively towards the green movement.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the many advantages and benefits of using drywall, then give Bel Geddes a call today on 011 805 2605 or visit our website on www.belgeddesinterior.co.za. We specialise in construction, interior design, flooring and much more.

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